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Heart Rate Monitoring

  •  1Who is not suitable for wearing?

    Infants and young children, patients who are taking photosensitive drugs or other diseases, please consult your doctor before wearing.

  •  2Why is the heart rate shown to be changing when it is measured?

    Heart rate measurement will be subject to external interference, and the human heart rate is also a dynamic data. After showing the heart rate, it will gradually stabilized.

  •  3Is the heart rate belt automatically measuring heart rate?

    1.No heart rate detect if heart rate strap did not been wore;
    2.It is unable to measure heart rate when it is low battery;
    3.Lighted it and began to measure the heart rate while you wearing it, it display time, steps, calories, distance, heart rate in a sequence;
    4.Do not light heart rate while wearing, it will automatically measure the heart rate every 5 minutes, only to memory.

  •  4How does it measure heart rate?

    The heart rate belt uses a bio-resistance sensor to collect resting heart rate, let you to know your heart status in all directions. These sensors will measure the resistance of skin tissue to tiny currents.

  •  5How long is the heart rate cycle? How to charge?

    Do not need charge, a button battery can support heart rate with 300 hours of work.

  •  6How is the heart rate synchronized?

    The heart rate belt can be wirelessly synchronized via Bluetooth, so you can upload data without inserting a data cable. Heart rate belt can be associated with most IOS and Android devices.

  •  7What material is the heart rate belt made of?

    Heart rate strap surface with a medical grade hypoallergenic rubber, it is smooth and elastic, completely free of latex. Chest strap is the environmentally friendly fabric.