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Body Scale

  •  1Who is not fit for human scales?

    The body scale is applicable to all person except patients with pacemakers or other transplanted medical devices in the body.

  •  2How to do with human body scale WIFI password configurated failed?

    Please check whether the Wi-Fi scale is waiting for the configuration password, whether the Wi-Fi password is correct, whether the Wi-Fi is connected, or is the Wi-Fi signal hidden by the rounter. We recommended that update WeChat and APPs to the latest version. While configuring the Wi-Fi password, put it as close as possible to the router, or reset the router to try again.

  •  3How to do if the scale is not accurate?

    1.The reasons why the weight data is not accurate:
      1) Working environment: the ground is wood flooring, carpets or scales below the paper stuffed things. Because of these, the scale is unevenness, it will cause the weighing data does not change or underweight, we recommended that put scale on tile floor to use.
      2) Working process: As for the first weight is heavier than later. The reason is that the scale add its own weight while moving. The solution is putting the scale on the tile floor, step on it and put down, then weighing untill displayed 0.0.
      3) Battery: household scale battery service life is 3 to 4 months, if there is not accurate, you can replace the battery to try again.

    2.How to test whether the electronic scale is accurate or not?
      1) Please put the scale on the tile floor directly, step on it and put down, then weighing untill displayed 0.0. Continuous measurement Three times to see if the error is range of 0.4KG.
      2) Suggestion: you can weighing yourself first, and then weighing again with the friut you buy from supermarket or something weighing by the kitchen scale, so that you can know whether there is an error.

  •  4How to do if the scale not to diaplay?

    Check the battery first, if you confirm the battery installation is right, we recommend you buy a new battery. If the above method can not solve the display problem, we recommend that you contact customer service or return to us for repairing.

  •  5What is the hardware requirements for mobile phones?

    Bluetooth scale:
    IOS system (Bluetooth 4.0 + IOS7 and above ): Apple 4S and above, IPADMINI and iPod touch.
    Andriod system ( Andriod 4.3 and above )

    WIFI smart scale:
    IOS system (IOS8 and above + WeChat latest version 6.3)
    Andriod system (Andriod 4.3 and above + WeChat the latest version of 6.3)