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Sports Bracelet

  •  1How long will the charge take?

    Generally, it spends one and half hour for full charge. And shows the real power after 30s on charge.

  •  2How to charge and activate your bracelet?

    1.Take down the sensor from bracelet, connect with the data cable and plug into PC or USB interface for charging.
    2.While it is charging and the screen lighted, it means that the activation is successful.

  •  3What is the distance between the bracelet and the Bluetooth connection?

    About 6m indoor and 10m for open place.

  •  4Where is the touch bottom? And what is the display content?

    The touch bottom of the smart bracelet is the round design, center screen of the hr330.
    You can switch to time, step, calorie by touching the screen, enter to other capability patterns by long press and return as the same way.

  •  5Does the bracelet need re-connecting while disconnecting with Bluetooth?

    For the first time, search and add the device, it can connect automatically next time after you turn on Bluetooth. Generally, it won’t lose connectivity between 6m and 10m, except there are too many jamming signals.

  •  6Why can not search bracelet device in the case of the phone hardware is fine?

    Some manufacturers have changed the original Google version of Android mobile phone system, resulting in app can not search the bracelet device, generally you can search the device in the system --- 'setting - Bluetooth - search device' ; see if there is a bracelet.If there is, re-enter the app again to search the bracelet device. if not, there may be other problems like the following:
    1.There is a problem with the bracelet, Bluetooth can not be broadcast, need to be confirmed by other equipment.
    2.2.Hardware support Bluetooth 4.0, the system for the Android version need to be 4.3 and above, IOS 7.0 and above, IPhone4s and above. There may not be the official system and did not do the Bluetooth interface transplant, the phone does not support.

  •  7How to deal with Android phone can not push notifications?

    1.Setting- Set the notification with the status bar- Notification Management-oneband-allowed
    2.mobile manager- Permission privacy- Application permission management- Trust this application-open
    3.mobile manager- Autostarts-oneband-open
    4.If you install safety stewardship software (like 360, mobile manager and so on), find “authority management”-oneband-check the permissions
    5.oneband-notifications-check the app you need to nitice (like qq, wechat)
    6.setting-others-Auxiliary function-service-oneband-open
    7.setting-Bluetooth- Clear the connection binding of other Bluetooth devices, restart the Bluetooth and reconnect.
    After the above settings, please restart the device, and then use.

  •  8Why is the notifications delayed?

    At the first time, the bracelet will be synchronized to update the 7 days’ data, it takes about three minutes, the notifications will be delayed during this time. The app will set up personal information, equipment reminders and other data in 30 seconds, click to exit app than the notification can work.

  •  9Why the bracelet loses connection with Bluetooth after exiting app in case of setting notifications?

    The phenomenon is due to the lack of mobile phone system memory, restart the phone can solve this problem.

  •  10Why other news can be reminded except SMS?

    Some mobile phone system does not allow third-party software app to read the message, resulting in the bracelet can not remind it, no solution yet.

  •  11Why the SMS notification can only show mobile phone number not the contact name?

    Please confirmed whether the app can read the address book In the mobile phone system.