HR Wristband - HR330


HR330 Smart Optical Heart Rate Wristband,Your Best Health Partners

HR Wristband - HR330

Concise Design,Fit Everyone

Brilliant black main device with frosted texture band,
always be outstanding in any occasions
Comfortable to wear,
three colors optional

HR Wristband - HR330

All touch operation, horizontal or straight display, all up to you

High sensitivity touch screen
Support click, slide, long press three operation method

HR Wristband - HR330

Wristband style optical HR function, make your training more convenient

Almost same accuracy as traditional strap
With the support of heart rate data, you can achieve your fitness goal fast

HR Wristband - HR330

Remote camera

Choose distance, angle by yourself
Leave a good memory

HR Wristband - HR330

HR330 Care every step you take

process of your target by HR330 and app
Check your steps, calories
Help you accomplish your daily exercise plan

HR Wristband - HR330

Smart reminders function, make your life style regular

Call & Message, long-sitting ,drink, plan and clock reminder
Reminder you through vibration, help you develop a good habit

Download OneBand app, and set your reminders details on app

HR Wristband - HR330

Track and analyze your deep sleep, light sleep and awake times
help you know your sleep quality every night.

Set your sleep time on app make your sleep date more accuracy
Vibration clock, awake you with no sound

HR Wristband - HR330

Daily waterproof , no fear of splash, rain and perspiration
Unconstraint daily use

HR Wristband - HR330

Share your activity to popular social platform:

WeChat, QQ , Sina
Enjoy the cheers from your friends.

HR Wristband - HR330

Full of power

One hour charge for at least 168 hours use

  • HR Wristband - HR330
  • HR Wristband - HR330
  • HR Wristband - HR330
  • HR Wristband - HR330
  • HR Wristband - HR330



Transmission distance

Battery capacity






1PC capacitance touch button

Mirco USB to +5V, use special charge cable

Screen display

Data storage

Battery life for one time charge



OLED resolution 96*32

256k EEprom 7days

7-10 天


3-axis acceleration sensor

Using Help