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Important Features to Know About GPS Bike Computer

by Ruby Choi 30 Jun 2023 3 hozzászólás

GPS bike computer come with various functions and features that enhance the cycling experience. 

Understanding these important functions and features of GPS bike computers can help cyclists choose the right device that aligns with their specific needs, goals, and preferences.

GPS Bike Computer Common Features

Global Positioning System

At the heart of a GPS bike computer lies the GPS technology, which allows cyclists to accurately track their position, speed, and distance traveled. By receiving signals from multiple satellite networks, these devices can provide precise location data, ensuring you never lose your way during your rides. Whether you're exploring new routes or training for competitions, the GPS functionality in a bike computer is invaluable.

Data Tracking

GPS bike computers are devices used by cyclists to track and record various data during their rides. These compact devices use Global Positioning System (GPS) technology to accurately determine the rider’s location, speed, distance traveled, and other relevant metrics.

They provide accurate and comprehensive data tracking, navigation help, and performance monitoring. 

Basic Data

Speed — How fast you're going.

Average speed — Can be measured only when the computer detects movement or for the whole period between starting and stopping the timer.

Maximum speed — For gravity-assisted bragging rights.

Cadence — How quickly your legs are turning. Needs an extra magnet and sensor on the crank.

Average cadence

Maximum cadence — For 'how fast can you spin' contests in bike shops on rainy Wednesday afternoons.

Ride time — Can be measured only when the computer detects movement ('moving time') or for the whole period between starting and stopping the timer.

Time of day — For people who still think digital watches are a pretty neat idea.

Over/under average speed

Ride/trip distance — How far you've been on this ride.

Odometer — How far you've ridden. Some cycle computers allow you to set an initial value so you can carry your records over from a previous unit. Or cheat.

When it comes to cycling, the Coospo GPS bike computer is an outstanding option to consider. If you're new to cycling and are looking for a bike computer that will get you started on the right foot, the BC107 is definitely worth considering. It has all the necessary features to help you track your ride and monitor your progress.

However, if you're a more experienced rider looking for more advanced data, then the BC200 is the bike computer for you.

Using Sensors

Some bike computers can measure your progress by picking up signals from a sensor such as a heart rate monitor, speed sensor, cadence sensor, or even a power meter.

Heart rate is a useful indicator of how hard you're working if you're riding for fitness or, say, to lose weight. And some cycle computers with heart rate functions will also provide an estimate of how many Calories you've burned. 

Speed and cadence sensors can track and capture accurate real-time cycling cadence or speed, providing more precise data for your ride.

Power meters provide the most accurate and objective measurement of a cyclist’s effort, which can be influenced by various factors like fatigue and external conditions, power meters directly measure the work being done by the cyclist. This allows riders to track their effort consistently, regardless of external factors.

Long Battery Life

When embarking on long rides or multi-day cycling trips, battery life becomes a critical factor to consider. 

Also, considering the charging time, GPS bike computers vary in terms of battery capacity and consumption. While some models offer an extended battery life of up to 20 hours or more, others may require frequent recharging. as some bike computers may take several hours to recharge fully.

The Coospo bike computer offers an impressive battery life of up to 25 hours, making it suitable for long-distance cycling. It also has a quick charging time of just 2 hours.

Small and Light

GPS bike computers come in different sizes and weights. Most models may be lightweight and compact, making them easy to carry around.

The Coospo bike computer is compact and lightweight, making it easy to use and transport.


IP waterproof ratings are important for bike computers to ensure their durability and functionality in various weather conditions, especially when exposed to rain, dust, and sweat. 

With an IP waterproof rating, the bike computer can withstand exposure to rain and other forms of moisture, allowing cyclists to confidently use the device in different weather conditions without fear of damage.

Coospo bike computers are waterproof up to 1 meter deep for 30 minutes with no damage.

Wireless Connectivity

ANT+ and Bluetooth are two common wireless communication protocols that many GPS bike computers support.

ANT+ is a wireless communication protocol used by GPS bike computers for transmitting data from bike sensors and accessories such as heart rate monitors, speed sensors, and cadence sensors. Bluetooth is another wireless protocol that allows devices to communicate with each other wirelessly, such as connecting your bike computer to several cycling or fitness Apps in your smartphone or other Bluetooth-enabled cycling gear.

Many GPS bike computers, such as the Coospo bike computer, support both ANT+ and Bluetooth, allowing you to connect to different bike sensors and accessories using either protocol.


The Coospo bike computer is compatible with different smartphones and devices, including iOS and Android. It also easily connects to different cycling accessories such as heart rate monitors and power meters.

Also, your Coospo bike computer can connect to CoopoRide App. It can manage your Coospo bike computers and activities. It can also transfer your smartphone into a GPS bike computer with many cycling data.

Strava compatibility is also important for many cyclists. You can transfer your riding routes to Strava in two ways. The first way is by using the CoospoRide app. The second way is by uploading them to Strava on your PC with a USB.

Therefore, before choosing a GPS bike computer, ensure that it is compatible with your phone, and check the compatibility list provided by the manufacturer.

Customization and Display Option

GPS bike computers such as Coospo BC200 typically provide customizable display options, allowing cyclists to choose which data fields to show and how they are arranged. This enables riders to personalize their device to focus on the metrics that are most important to them.

Advanced Features

Beyond these basics, some bike computers offer advanced features such as: 

· GPS navigation

· Integration with power meters

· Virtual Coaching

· Touchscreens

· Full-color maps

· Turn-by-turn directions

· Live tracking

· Built-in cameras


With its ability to provide detailed data on your ride, you'll be able to take your cycling to the next level. But many people think that the basic features of bicycle computers already meet most of their needs. It all depends on personal needs and budget.

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3 hozzászólás

23 Jul 2024 Mark Kleinman

Same question, really: how does one calibrate temperature. The BC200 shows a temp that is about 20 degrees Fahrenheit too high.

08 Jul 2024 Henry Munoz

Like John Kostyo, I am wondering where the temperature data comes from. Hot ride today…felt it….Coospo said high temperature was 113. Checked local weather on actual weather data sites and it was only about 90 degrees. Wondering is that heat from the asphalt or just bad data?

17 Mar 2024 John Kostyo

Where does the Coospo bc700 get weather data? It measured 72 degrees on my ride today and it was actually in the upper 50’s.

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