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Introduction of Coospo HW9 Armband Heart Rate Monitor

by Ruby Choi 09 Jun 2023 Počet komentářů: 0


 Packing list of HW9


The user experience and heart rate measuring capability is not perfect enough on old models, also the design should be updated. It’s time to release a new Coospo armband HR monitor.

We want to create a heart rate monitor with several features. It should have a nylon elastic band suitable for multiple sports. It should also have a longer battery life. In addition, it should have the basic heart rate measurement function.



We redesigned HW9's back shell to improve the accuracy of optical heart rate measuring. The back shell integrated the light-transmitting lens and the bottom shell. This integrated bottom shell design improved the waterproof performance. Additionally, it increased the accuracy of the measurements.

We experimented with new chip algorithms and conducted additional tests and corrections. We also used the industry's most accurate products as references, in addition to the different design.

During the testing period, we performed a variety of workouts of varying intensities and conditions to ensure accuracy. This included running, cycling, burpees, and intermittent workouts going up and down stairs.

To conduct the test, we used the XXXXX H10 chest strap heart rate monitor, which provided the most accurate data. We also used armband heart rate monitors, including the Coospo HW807 and two Coospo HW9 devices. The table below provides a comparison of their heart rate data.

 HW9 VS Polar H10 VS HW807

The blue line represents XXXXX H10. Both the green line represents Coospo HW9 and the red line represents Coospo HW807.

Throughout the chart, there is a good correspondence between the XXXXX H10 and Coospo HW9. In addition, all four groups of devices were able to properly capture the data at the beginning.


HW9 armband is made of soft and comfortable fabric that is of high quality. Its special knitting process ensures it stays securely in place, even during intense workouts. The armband is also stretchy and elastic, making it suitable for people of all sizes and shapes.

The Coospo HW9 armband heart rate monitor strap is more flexible and comfortable than the normal strap. Additionally, it is replaceable and washable. The total length can be adjusted, no need to worry about the length anymore.

In addition, the armband is designed to keep your skin dry and comfortable, even during the most intense workouts. Unlike other armbands, it won't feel sticky or uncomfortable on your skin, allowing you to focus on working out.

  • How to Wear

how to wear HW9 heart rate monitor

A good heart rate armband monitor should have an algorithm. This algorithm should filter out fluctuations in heart rate caused by skin color, body hair, and heavy sweating. Ideally, the armband will address these issues consistently across different individuals.

The wearing position is chosen to be on the small arm as much as possible. PPG's armband heart rate monitor collects capillary blood flow data.

To get accurate readings, it needs to be worn in a location with abundant subcutaneous capillaries. This is the reason for the necessity of the location. People, especially women, can have a lot of subcutaneous fat in the large arm. This fat can affect the accuracy of the optical sensor.

Note: If the strap is overused, you can see the steps below to install the strap.

After completion:

 Coospo HW9 armband heart rate monitor


The Coospo HW9 can display heart rate zones through LED lights that change color. The LEDs are arranged in the shape of the Coospo logo.

Initially, we decided to use yellow LED light to represent the first heart rate zone. However, we found that they were not bright enough, so we ultimately decided to use light blue LED light instead.


We wanted to add heart rate settings and related features to the CoospoRide app. However, this caused multiple duplications in the development process, communication, understanding, and compatibility.

In addition, the layout of the heart rate interface in the CoospoRide app is constantly being adjusted. We also had to consider compatibility with other brands of existing devices, as well as new display styles, among other factors.

We believe that the biggest challenge is to ensure compatibility and consistency within the app with what was already implemented before.

Below is a photo for pairing the HW9 with the CoospoRide APP via Bluetooth:


HW9 can set the maximum heart rate value and heart rate alert value through the CoospoRide App. And you can set the heart rate zone light and heart rate alert on or off. If you set them off, to a certain extent, you can extend the battery life.


Our user friends have a question about the heart rate monitor: why don't we add storage and pedometer functions for now?

First, the majority of the heart rate monitor user doesn’t have the needs for storage and pedometer function now. Also, some people will use the heart rate monitor with their smartwatch.

Second, the app support. Storage and pedometer functions must be supported by an app. These functions are not found on most popular fitness apps. We may add the function support in our own app in the future, but not now.

Last, but not the least, cost is an issue. We have the ability to add storage or pedometer functions to our heart rate monitor products. However, the cost of the hardware and software means it is not the right time to add these extra functions.

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