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Chest Strap Replacement for Coospo H808S H6 H9Z Chest Heart Rate Monitors

Chest Strap Wearable size from 25" to 36". The space of two snap buttons is about 45mm.

Importance of the Chest Strap: The chest strap is integral to your Coospo H808S, H6, or H9Z chest heart rate monitor, serving as the primary means to transmit accurate heart rate data during workouts.


Key Features to Consider: Look for straps made from durable materials to withstand rigorous workouts while providing comfort and reducing chafing.


Fit and Adjustability: Opt for straps that offer adjustable features to ensure a snug fit, enhancing the accuracy of heart rate measurements.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 6 reviews
Connie Hodges

Chest Strap Replacement for Coospo H808S H6 Chest Heart Rate Monitors

Benedetto Muratore

Chest Strap Replacement for Coospo H808S H6 Chest Heart Rate Monitors

100% recommended

I spent a lot of time trying to decide between a Garmin hrm-pro plus (I own a Garmin watch), a polar H10 or something else. The HRM had the obvious disadvantage of not being detachable. Given I wasn’t interested in spending well over €100 every few months, i leaned towards H10. However, through a YouTube recommendation, I came across the Coospo brand and, at the spur of a moment, gave in and ordered a H808S model along with an extra band.
I’d read several reviews on this which claimed that it ate battery like crazy and for some people, it was lasting barely a week. Others claimed dead units. Given this was a quarter of the price of the HRM pro plus, I honestly had little to no hopes for this one.
Fastforward to using it for about 3 months, 250 kms across over 30 activities: I have no issues whatsoever with the device. I’ve been using the same battery that came with the device and it is working fine. The device has been used in both sweaty and rainy situations and neither were an issue. The only one thing I’d be critical of is that there seems to be a difference in quality between the band that comes with the device vs the extra one I bought. The latter’s stretch is not too firm which is why I’ve lost signals a few times when wearing it. The one that came with the device is perfect.
Anyways, the heart rate monitor is highly recommended. Honestly, if you just need a precise HR calculation, don’t waste money on the flashier or noisier straps.
5 stars.

kevin montroy

Chest Strap Replacement for Coospo H808S H6 Chest Heart Rate Monitors

Steffen Hirschbuehl
Fast shipment...great quality

Fast shipment...great quality

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