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Introduction of Coospo H9Z Chest Strap Heart Rate Monitor

por Ruby Choi 22 Aug 2023 2 Comentários


· H9Z X1

· Adjustable Chest Strap X1

· Magnetic Charging Base X1

· Type-C Power Cable X1

· User Manual X1


People will say the CR2032 powered chest strap Heart rate monitor can last at least a year, why would I bother to purchase a rechargeable version?

The main idea is to improve the user experience. By using the Lithium battery, we can avoid some bad user experience. For example, customer doesn’t know how to change the battery, or when changing the battery customer destroy the metal shrapnel accidentally. Some parents may be concerned about the safety of button batteries. With rechargeable design, all these situations related with battery changing can be avoided.

Here is another question you may want to ask, for CR2032 battery you don’t need to worry about the battery charge and discharge times, but for H9Z, how many times can its lithium battery be charged and discharged? The answer is 300 times, which means if you charge the H9Z once a month, H9Z’s battery can last for 25 years; If you charge it 2 times a month, H9Z’s battery can last for 12.5 years.

Because H9Z has 50 hours working hours on each charge, I think you don’t need to worry about the battery life at all. Of course, 12.5 years is just a time that H9Z’s battery can last theoretically, the real value should be affected by your actual using environment.

We checked a lot of bad reviews about heart rate monitors (including Garmin and Wahoo HRMs), defectives often happen after customer changing the battery, so we hope the rechargeable design can avoid the risk of battery replacement.


The first challenge is to re-design the whole power supply system. By using the lithium battery, we get a chance to design a whole new structure, with new Bluetooth chip set, so the whole design will be smaller and more battery saving. After checking with several options, we choose the smallest and lightest design.

The second challenge is to re-program the software, but it only takes time, so that’s why H9Z takes so long to the retail market.

We also considered adding 3-axis sensors and memory, but that will increase the weight of the sensor, also we don’t have a good app to realize these functions. Of course, we will consider add these features when everything is ready in the future, when we are confident about our app ability.


Apart from this major innovation of rechargeable design, we also invested considerable time and resources in improving the visual experience of our product.

We worked hard to add colors to the lights that show heart rate zones. We thought this would make the product look better and help people see more information about their workout. Furthermore, we tried many things to get the design just right, and in the end, we made the LED light that worked well and looked great.

The color of the light on the H9Z and the color on the canvas may not match perfectly. This is because, in order to make the actual color look softer and more aesthetically pleasing, it needs to be adjusted based on the actual rendering and then continuously in the code.

Additionally, the distance between the light side of the sensor logo and the light source on the board is intentionally very short in order to make the device as beautiful and thin as possible. However, this design significantly increases the difficulty of adjusting the color. As a result, precise adjustments need to be made to ensure that the color of the light on the device matches the color on the canvas as closely as possible while still maintaining its aesthetic appeal and slim design.

We know that lots of people will say the LED light on chest type heart rate monitors is useless, because it is not convenient to see the LED light on their chest while doing exercise. It’s true, but also there are some people do workouts in front of a mirror, so they find out which training zone they are in easily; some coaches can check their trainee’s status with a glance.

However, you can choose to keep the LED light off if you find that this light is just not the right function for you. To close the LED, you need to connect the H9Z with the CoospoRide or Heartool app, and check toggle close on the LED option.


Heart rate accuracy is always the most important part. Despite the newest chipset of heart rate monitor, we also developed the 3-rd generation of heart rate algorithm for Realzone series. The growth of the algorithm will be very helpful for the accuracy. That’s why we are doing lots of test on different sports.

To make sure the accuracy is competitive, we used the PXXXX H10 chest strap heart rate monitor as the reference, which is considered as the most accurate heart rate monitor product in the market. The table below compares their heart rate data.


Product testing is primarily focused on the functional use of the heart rate armband, including ease of use, accurate data display, and other related aspects. The most frequent test should involve connecting different apps on various mobile phones and connecting with various mainstream brands and models of bike computers to ensure proper functionality. Additionally, connecting with other equipment such as treadmills and rowing machines should also be tested to ensure seamless integration.


To achieve a branded look and feel, we have explored various ways to design the product series, such as using new materials or improving the production process. Additionally, creating a unique design for the product can make it stand out and increase brand recognition. Finally, incorporating different colors, textures, and materials can further enhance its visual appeal and attract more customers.

1. The upgraded Bluetooth function allows simultaneous connection to both the app and smart fitness equipment.

2. A personalized LED light with five colors quickly shows your exercise status.

3. It supports both Bluetooth and ANT+ universal protocols, making it compatible with a variety of sports apps, smart fitness equipment, and bike computers.

4. The third-generation heart rate algorithm provides accurate heart rate readings and supports the HRV (Heart Rate Variability) function.

5. The H9Z has a rechargeable design with a battery life of up to 50 hours on each charge.

6. It is lighter and thinner, providing a more comfortable fit.


H9Z is our first rechargeable chest-type heart rate monitor, to achieve a better user experience we have made a great effort. If you want to taste something new on chest strap heart rate monitors, H9Z should be your best choice. Anyway, any advice or question, please comment below.

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2 Comentários

04 Jan 2024 Владимир
После первого подключения по bluetooth к телефону realme9 пульсометр работает, а при повторном подключении моргает индикатором 4 раза и выключается.В настройках Bluetooth телефона пульсометр отображается как сопряжённые устройства. В чём дело ?
03 Oct 2023 paulo calil

I couldn’t connect with my edge 530 neither with mapmyride app. I will return…

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