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Coospo Cycling Event

by rongchuan lin 28 Oct 2022 Комментарии: 1

The Complete Guide to Coospo Cycling Game

Many cyclists and cycling amateur love to challenge their limit by climbing the mountain, to prove themselves. Climbing is also a good way to exercise your body, it helps raise your lactate threshold, which in turn allows you to stay aerobic and burn fat at higher intensities. However, to over the mountains, what you should prepare except passion?

The answer is Coospo GPS bike computer! With our GPS bike computer, you can record your speed, distance, altitude, and GPS tracks while climbing. It will be a good witness for your cycling activities.
Now, join the Coospo Strava cycling community and track your progress!

We have also prepared a small cycling game for those who has a heart of competition. If you want to enter this game, please read below.

Prize Distribution

1st: Coospo Jersey + Bike light

2nd: Coospo Jersey + bag

3rd: Coospo Jersey

4-6th: 50USD Coupons($50.00 discount on order reach $100.00)

Game Time

Game lasts for 4 weeks: Nov 7-Dec 4 (UTC+8)

Announcement of Winners: November 12/22/29, December 6 (UTC+8)

3 Simple Steps to Join The Game

1. Own a Coospo bike computer first, then follow us on Facebook.

2. Share the post or video of this game, or post a picture and #coospo

3. Join Coospo Strava club, become the leader (1-6th) of Elevation Gain for 1 week.

Game Rules

1. If you are sponsored by Coospo, you are not eligible for the game.

2. Each player can only win the prize once, which means you don’t have to be 1-6th position each week.

3. If on the leader board the 1st player is ineligible, the prize goes to the 2nd player.

4. If you don’t like the jersey, you can choose a Coospo product instead.

5. Winners need to provide purchase records of Coospo products.

6. Coospo reserves the right of final interpretation.  

Комментарии: 1

13 Dec 2022 Federico
coospo super top!


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