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Essential Tips and Gear for Thrilling and Safe Night Rides

von Ruby Choi 16 Jan 2024 0 Kommentare

Essential Tips and Gear for Thrilling and Safe Night Rides

Deciding when to go for a ride can be tough for people who love riding. The hot sun and the risk of getting a sunburn can be a problem, especially for those with busy schedules. That's why many riders have started to go out for night rides instead. It's a popular alternative for a lot of enthusiasts.

Night riding is a great way to exercise and enjoy the city at night. It's exciting to sweat and see the beautiful neon lights. This activity lets you relax and exercise, making it a great and enjoyable experience for your body.

Riding at night comes with its own set of challenges compared to riding during the day. Limited visibility, different road conditions, and the need for good lighting all affect the safety and enjoyment of the experience. To feel safe and happy while riding at night, it's important to know what precautions to take.


A bike needs strong lights to see in the dark, so don't be upset if you see a car with bright lights at night. It's for both of our safety.

Adding lots of reflective stickers to your bike helps make you more visible to others. The more stickers you have, the better chance someone will see you, even in bad weather or on dirty roads. It's best to have clear and reflective stickers for the most visibility.

Buyer's guide: the best reflective cycling clot...

Do all of our bicycles have reflective strips and taillights? Do we have an adequate supply? At night, cyclists can be hard to see, so it's important to have reflective strips and lights for safety and visibility.

Having both active and passive light emitting devices on the front and rear of your bike is essential for safe riding, and it is preferable to have them on the sides as well.

Don't assume that a driver has seen you just because your headlights are on. When riding at night, make sure to wear reflective gear to make yourself more visible.

The Importance of Hearing

Hearing is really important when riding at night with limited visibility. It's best not to wear earphones to listen to music because they can block the sounds of other vehicles on the road.

At night, when traffic restrictions are lifted, many drivers are in a rush. If a cyclist is wearing headphones and doesn't hear a vehicle approaching, there may only be a few meters of distance left. This doesn't give the driver and the cyclist enough time to react, which can be dangerous.

When cycling in a group, the leader should pay attention to any emergencies ahead and use hand signals and verbal cues to warn the others. Everyone in the group should stay focused and be ready to adjust their speed and position to avoid obstacles.

Different Road Conditions

When cycling at night, it's common for cyclists to choose peri-urban or city-to-city highways. These routes have less traffic, fewer people walking, and less traffic lights, which makes for a more comfortable ride. Also, the streetlights on these highways make it easier for cyclists to see and ride safely at night.

When you come to a traffic light, follow the rules. Look out for people walking on the sides of the road. When the light is green, you can go. When it's red, you need to stop.

At night, on roads surrounded by lush greenery, tree branches can be difficult to see clearly because of the darkness. This can pose a danger or risk of injury to cyclists. It is advisable to ride in the middle of the road and avoid choosing routes without proper street lighting.

If you have to ride in the dark, it's best to slow down, turn on your lights, and keep your speed at 70% to 80% of what you would do during the daytime. If you see a dark shadow in front of you that gradually disappears as you ride, it means there's a small pothole on the road. If the shadow doesn't go away, it means there's a big pothole, so be careful and try to avoid it.

Equipments You Need


Before checking your bike, make sure to install headlight and taillights. These lights are bright and lightweight, making them a popular choice. Also, consider adding reflective strips for better visibility in low light.

Personal Equipments:

Riding at night requires the use of specialized glasses, especially anti-mosquito glasses, to protect against insects. These glasses typically feature transparent or yellow lenses, with the latter helping to increase sensitivity to low light conditions.

Wearing clothing with reflective strips is really important for staying safe while cycling, especially in low light or at night. These strips make you more visible to other people on the road. It's crucial to prioritize safety and wear gear that makes you easier to see when you're out riding.

Bike Computer:

Coospo bike computers have a bright backlight that makes the display easy to read at night. This helps riders see their ride data clearly and stay safe while riding in the dark. The Coospo Bicycle Computer is a great companion for night riding.

Headlights & Taillights:

Headlights are really important when you're riding at night, especially in rural areas with not much street lighting. They help you see and stay safe on the road, so they're really crucial.

When riding at night, it's important to focus the main brightness of the headlight on the area 5-10 meters in front of you. That's where you need the most visibility.

Also, it's important to consider the outer edges and not just the center of the area. A larger peripheral irradiation range is needed to improve safety.

Professional headlights have a strong and focused beam in the center and wide coverage at the edges. Flashlights for bikes need a wider beam to reach far distances, especially when going uphill, to ensure safety.

The taillight is an important signal for cyclists when riding at night. It helps them to be seen without being too bright. Red or blue are the best colors for the taillight.

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