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Coospo Cycling Game

di rongchuan lin 29 Aug 2023 0 Commenti

The Guide to Coospo Cycling Game

Game Time
Game lasts for 4 weeks: Aug 28-Sep 24 (UTC+8)
Announcement of Winners: September 5/12/19/26

How to Join Coospo Cycling Game
1.Join Strava's COOSPORIDE club: https://www.strava.com/clubs/coosporide
2.Be the top 50 on Last Week's Leader board of Distance
3.Every week, we will randomly select three winners from the top 50.


Winners can choose any Coospo products, including the Coospo jersey ($60), Coospo bike computer (including the new series), heart rate monitor, or cycling sensor.

1.Friends who have received Coospo-sponsored (free test delivery) products are not eligible to participate in this activity.
2.Each participant can only win the prize once during the activity period.
3.We will verify the eligibility of winners, and those who do not meet the requirements will be disqualified and another lucky draw will take place.
4.Please share your feedback on this activity in the comments section.
5.Coospo reserves the right to make the final explanation.

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